Imaginary Employment Opportunities

To enhance our imaginary team we are looking for qualified salespeople and managers. New hires will receive the same salary and benefits as our existing personnel. Currently vacant positions are:

Manager Europe: You will enhance our management team for the European Union.  In addition to a base salary of 12000€ we offer 2000€ benefits for each month in which total company sales exceed 25.000€.

Manager USA: To enhance our oversees section we are looking for people with marketing experience in the United States. We offer a base salary of 10.000€ and 2500€ benefit for each month, in which total company sales exceed 25.000€

Salesperson Germany: If you are an top salesman or -woman you might just be the right person for us. We offer a fixed salary of 3000€ and a premium of 1% of your sales volume.

Salesperson Europe: As we are expanding into the European market we are looking for cosmopolitan people to enhance our European sales team.  Your salary will comprise a fixed amount of 4000€ and 1.5% premium.

Salesperson USA: If you love the States this is the job for you! Join our team and earn a fixed salary of 3500€ and 1.2% premium on your sales.

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